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A Bright Future Ahead for 5-Year-Old Băng in Vietnam

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on February 10, 2021

At only five years old, Băng’s smile can light up any room. Despite the hardships her family faces living in Vietnam, Băng’s future is brighter than ever before!

Living in the Thang Binh district where agriculture is the main industry, most of the residents in Băng’s community work as farmers. When it isn’t harvest season, farming employment opportunities are harder to come by and, therefore, income is unstable for many families, including Băng’s.

Every day, Băng’s father takes her to Binh Tu Kindergarten for school where she receives Rise Against Hunger meals distributed by partner Children of Vietnam. At school, Băng enjoys lunchtime, learning from her teacher and spending time with her friends.

Mrs. Van, the school’s principal, says how important the meals are to the students. “It helps the children get the proper nutrition to be physically healthy, which then gives them the opportunity for a good future.”

Mrs. Van, the school’s principal, during lunchtime with the students.

Along with Mrs. Van, Mr. Phu, a staff member of Charity Association of Quang Nam Province, also believes that nutritious meals are an important part of student success. He expressed that the school feeding program helps the children receive necessary nutrients to sustain for the future.

Mr. Phu, a staff member of Charity Association of Quang Nam Province.

One of 430 students, Băng is among the many students who come from families that cannot rely on steady incomes due to the local economy. Providing nourishment through school feeding programs, especially during this time of crisis, is important to alleviating poverty and hunger in communities across the globe. To support students through nutrition and make them smile like Băng, please give now.