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A Brighter Future for May's Daughter, Mikhaella

By Hannah Payne on December 5, 2019

Every person’s needs are unique and, therefore, when our volunteer-packaged meals are distributed to people in need around the world, the details of how they impact each person are unique. But, while the specifics change, every box of meals means two things for the people that receive the meals inside — not only are they unboxing nutrition, but they’re also unboxing their futures.

For May, a 30-year old woman living in a rural farming community within the mountain ranges of the Philippines’ Iloilo province, she’s witnessed the impact in her daughter’s life and the lives of other children in the community.

May participates in the Transform Program, an initiative developed by partner International Care Ministries. Program participants receive health and livelihood training, and International Care Ministries distributes Rise Against Hunger meals to support malnourished children.

When May began the program, her daughter, Mikhaella, was malnourished and underweight. Since her daughter started eating the meals, May has noticed an improvement in Mikhaella. She is healthier and has achieved her target weight. May says this is also true for other children in the community.

The community’s pastor, Edward, has witnessed the same changes and says the meals were vital to Mikhaella’s improved health. He adds that the meals “were a great help to the participants and their children.”

The Transfer Program’s health coordinator, Jinky, confirms that. “The number of malnourished kids has decreased,” he says.

According to the United Nations, the Philippines have seen improvements beyond May’s community. The number of malnourished people has decreased across the whole country. In 2014, the country was recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization for cutting the number of undernourished people in the country by at least 50 percent before the end of 2015.

José Graziano da Silva, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Director-General, says, “Food security and adequate nutrition for all is where sustainable development starts.” For May’s daughter, her health means the chance for a bright future. We can’t wait to see how she progresses in the years ahead!

This holiday season, make a donation to unbox hope, nutrition and empowerment for families like May’s around the globe!