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Charmaine’s Dreams of Becoming A Doctor and Professional Singer Start With A Meal

Mackenzie G Author
By McKenzie Grimes on July 14, 2021

At age 15, Charmine is thriving in school as she is breaking the chains of poverty within her family and community. Charmaine attends Rock Mountain Christian College in Warren Park, Zimbabwe, where she receives Rise Against Hunger meals every day for lunch through the Joseph Foundation and our partnership with Feed the Hungry UK.

Many families in the community, including Charmaine’s, face economic challenges daily. Winifrida, Project Manager for the Joseph Foundation, expresses how important it is to feed school communities in predominantly low income earning residential areas. “It helps ease the burden on parents somewhat as they know the child will be fed at school,” she said.

The meals Charmaine receives daily benefit her and her family in many other ways. Charmaine’s teachers, along with herself, have noticed a difference in her overall health and performance since receiving Rise Against Hunger meals. Agnes, a volunteer cook at the Rock Mountain Christian college has had the opportunity to watch students excel over the years, including Charmaine. “I have seen many students’ lives changed for the better. It is clear to me that nutritious meals have improved health changes that in turn help academic performance,” she said.

Charmaine expresses how Rise Against Hunger meals have helped her concentrate more in class. This improved performance is helping her grow closer to achieving her dreams. “I love to sing,” she says. “I hope to have a singing career and I also desire to be a medical doctor so that I can help others.”

With dreams of becoming both a professional singer and a doctor, Charmaine hopes to help others while also breaking the cycle of poverty in her family and in her community.

The opportunity to live a better life, receive quality nourishment and have access to an education should be available for everyone — the meals our volunteers package help to make that possible. “Thank you, to all who are giving a helping hand to this great work. You are making a great difference in my community and enabling the hopeless to have hope,” Charmaine said.

Charmaine is one day closer to being the next medical doctor and professional singer with the support of our network of dedicated Hunger Champions. Her dreams start with a meal, and you. Join our #ItStartsWithAMeal movement, and host your meal packaging event today!