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Critical Aid Arrives in Liberia to Help Those in Need During COVID Crisis

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on June 24, 2020

It’s always a great feeling to know that our organization made a difference! The generosity of RTI International and Hunger Champions worldwide made it possible for people in need to receive critical assistance in Liberia. Containers of Rise Against Hunger meals and medical supplies arrived at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital for patients and the lives of many who need assistance during this challenging time. As the global health crisis continues to affect communities worldwide, we’re asking for your support in being a part of the solution to end world hunger. Check out the photos below to get a closer look at how your impact can help people in need!


Though shipments have arrived in Liberia, we still have work to do to meet the needs of people around the globe. Rise Against Hunger is prepared to send critical aid to hospitals and schools in Haiti and Niger. To join us as we continue our efforts worldwide to help those who are facing challenges during the global health crisis, please give now.