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Kids at Partner Haiti School Enjoy New Spaces to Eat, Learn and Play!

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on January 24, 2020

When a Kraft-Heinz Meal Ambassador from the Netherlands, Tanja Kempen, joined us for a vision trip to visit our partner Hands for Haiti in 2018, she knew something special would come from her experience. Today, a brand new cafeteria and kitchen at the St. Marc School in Haiti is the result of their dedication and contributions.

The St. Marc School was in need of a new cafeteria, kitchen and other supplies to provide a better environment for the school children, teachers and workers. With the hard work of Tanja and contributions from the Kraft Heinz Netherlands team, the new cafeteria and kitchen were finished just in time for the school’s annual Christmas celebration.

Each year, the St. Marc School has a Christmas party to celebrate the children. This year, because of the donations, school supplies and other items, the school was able to provide gifts for all students and have a party in the new cafeteria.

Prior to the cafeteria being built, the children ate lunch at their desks in the overcrowded makeshift classrooms with plywood dividers.

Overjoyed with excitement, the cooks were happy to have a new kitchen to prepare meals for the school, and the children were thrilled to have a new place to sit down and eat their lunches.

Since 2013, Rise Against Hunger and the Kraft Heinz Company Foundation have partnered to empower undernourished children and families in developing countries around the globe to create a brighter future. Inspired volunteers like Tanja and projects like the new school cafeteria and kitchen in Haiti, are stepping stones to accomplishing our goal of ending hunger by 2030.

To make a contribution like Kraft-Heinz, donate now or reach out to us about partnering your company with our mission to create a world with zero hunger.