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Nutritious Meals Uplift 15-Year-Old Zambian Girl as she Becomes a Top Student

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on May 10, 2019

At only 15 years old, Memory carries herself with confidence and zeal as an exceptional student despite her difficult circumstances growing up in Zambia. Living in a rural area in the capital city of Lusaka, she shares her passion for her nation, community and education.

Memory and her family face challenges around access to basic needs such as food, clean water, hygiene and healthcare. For Memory and many of her classmates, the Rise Against Hunger meals they receive at school distributed by partner Family Legacy Missions are often their only meal of the day. Having a life-changing and positive impact, the meals have affected Memory both physically and mentally. Physically, she has gained much of the weight she lost due to malnourishment, and mentally, she is now able to focus in school. Now mastering the English language, she is also an aid to the teach in helping her other classmates. Memory expresses that the Rise Against Hunger meals have helped her become the student she is today.

Memory attends Lusaka West school, which also partners with Family Legacy Missions. The program provides education and nutritional support to orphaned children in 22 impoverished areas of Lusaka. Just like Memory, many students now have an interest in attending school and aren’t burdened by wondering when they’ll receive their next meal. Besides being more engaged in school, the meals have provided a way for these children to not only feel full, but to eat meals with substantial nutritional value.

Memory’s teacher at Lusaka West school, Mrs. Chiimewe, reiterates that Memory has become one of her top students. Having the opportunity to work closely with many students, Mrs. Chiimewe witnessed children go from being uninterested and distracted to being engaged and focused in class after getting the proper nutrients in their food on a daily basis.

Ultimately, Memory hopes that one day she’ll be able to help other children in the way that Family Legacy and Rise Against Hunger have helped her. With her newfound confidence and high spirits, she has a bright future ahead and dreams of becoming a teacher. As Memory continues to encourage her classmates, she leaves an impact on her community and uses her life-changing experience to make a difference in Zambia.