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On World Health Day, See the Faces of Those You’ve Impacted

Jessica H Author
By Jessica Hubacher on April 5, 2019

Every Rise Against Hunger meal packaged by a volunteer makes an impact on the health and wellbeing of someone around the world. Filled with enriched rice, soy protein, dried vegetables and 20 essential vitamins and nutrients, when a volunteer fills a meal bag, they’re giving more than a portion of food, they’re providing a chance at a healthier and more promising future.

This World Health Day, we share the stories of Jona, Ali and Celicourt to remind us that every effort, no matter how large or small, makes a difference.

Jona, a mother of three children who lives on the Panay island in the Philippines. Jona has seen first-hand the impact that these meals have had not only on herself, but also on her children as their health and body weight improves. Without these meals, her family’s diet consisted of vegetables and grasses, which did not adequately meet their nutrition needs.

For Ali, a man living in the outskirts of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, these regular meals have meant continued healing after overcoming leprosy and health for his family as they reside at the Saint-Camille Paspanga center. Because of the dedication of our volunteers and supporters, these meals provide hope for healthy futures for Ali, his family and the 600 other residents of this center for those with leprosy.

For boys like Celicourt, age 13, the ability to play school sports brings strengthened friendships and a sense of community, mental and physical wellbeing and a chance to pursue a passion on a daily basis. Receiving Rise Against Hunger meals, Celicourt attributes his improved strength and speed to consistent nourishing meals packaged by volunteers, delivered to his community and distributed at his school.

On World Health Day and every day, we hope that you are reminded of the impact you can make as a volunteer or a supporter. For some, improved health simply looks like access to regular nutritious meals. Two hours of your time spent packaging meals can truly change the lives and wellbeing of people around the world. Consider getting involved or donating today!