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Sandra Takes Action to Lift Up Her Daughters in Nicaragua

PaigeA Author
By Paige Anderson on November 12, 2020

Sandra, a mother of three, lives in a small community in Nicaragua. According to the World Food Programme, 30 percent of the population in Nicaragua lives below the poverty line. The village where Sandra’s family lives has a very high poverty rate, and most of the housing there began as settlements over 20 years ago. Overcrowding is an issue, and many homes house multiple families. Education is also a concern, as 40% of adults are not literate. Job opportunities are scarce, and violence in the community is a daily worry for Sandra and her daughters. Through a local program implemented by our partner ORPHANetwork, families like Sandra’s are receiving nutritious meals and finding hope for a better future.

Sandra, along with her husband and children, lives in a small home. The family has many goals, but right now they are focusing on improving their house. They are saving money to buy wood and zinc to fix their roof and complete other projects. Someday, they would also like to operate a small family-owned store.

Before receiving Rise Against Hunger meals through ORPHANetwork, Sandra and her family would usually eat small portions of rice, beans and eggs twice a day. She stated that the quality of the food was poor, and they did not receive enough nutrients. Sandra shares, “Now we save money by not buying rice, and soy is an additional ingredient for meals because we use soy instead of buying meat and we know that it is very nutritious.”

The meal assistance has not only allowed the family to save money, but it has also improved their health. Sandra shared that one of her daughters was consistently underweight and struggling to stay healthy. Now, her daughter is living a healthier and fuller life. The family has also enjoyed the daily routine of preparing and eating dinner together. Sandra shares, “we sit together as a family, all at once when dinner is ready.”

Ester works for ORPHANetwork and is a close friend of the family. Ester shares that Sandra is a good mother who fights for her daughters. Sandra will oftentimes wash people’s clothes to have some extra money to support her family, and Ester states that Sandra is not the type of person to only worry — she also takes action.

Silvia has been the Community Development Agent at ORPHANetwork for three years. She is a registered nurse and has seen firsthand the impact the Rise Against Hunger meals have had on the community. Silvia states, “Thanks to Rise Against Hunger, we can change the future of entire families by combating malnutrition and breaking cycles of poverty. Our communities are changing for better because of what Rise Against Hunger is doing for our people, and especially for our children.”

To support programs like the ORPHANetwork, and help families like Sandra’s in the midst of COVID-19, please give now.