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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Dezarie!

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on August 31, 2021

At Rise Against Hunger, our volunteers are the heart of our organization. This month, we are proud to spotlight Dezarie N. Mayers, Director of Colleague Engagement Programs at Pfizer Inc. Learn more about Dezarie’s commitment as a Hunger Champion in our Q&A below!

What inspired you to volunteer with Rise Against Hunger?

Giving back is something that has always been near and dear to my heart. So, when the opportunity came about to volunteer in a way that would be meaningful with impactful results, I raised my hands to participate. I volunteered for the first time with Rise Against Hunger in 2017 and have partnered with them to support meal packing across multiple countries including here in the United States.

Tell us about a memorable/impactful moment during your partnership with Rise Against Hunger?

In November 2018, I joined a team of volunteers in Groton, CT, where we heard from founder Ray Buchanan. I heard his passion and his commitment to something larger than himself. It resonated not because I am a veteran of the armed services but as a human being. I realized that I was a part of something larger than myself and I wanted to be part of the solution.  As a volunteer, I received a t-shirt that read, “I Rise by Lifting Others” by Robert Ingersoll. It was so appropriate because I wasn’t just packing meals to feed those in need, I was also participating in a movement.

What does the mission to end hunger mean to you?

The mission to end hunger means that it is achievable. Ending hunger means that we are changing lives through school lunch programs which fosters education and independence. Ending hunger means we are building stronger communities where people will have the opportunity to live longer healthier lives.

Which part of Rise Against Hunger’s work resonates closely with you, and why?

As a Pfizer colleague, I have had the opportunity to coordinate the packing of over 3 million meals in many countries impacting thousands of lives and this is why Rise Against Hunger’s nourishing lives program resonates most with me.

To join the movement, sign up up for a meal packaging event today!